Call for

Smart Communities

By ‘Smart Communities’ we mean large organic systems that, through the use of digital technologies and a participatory approach, connect and integrate various sub-systems (including energy, transportations, health care, agriculture, tourism, education, buildings) to meet people needs, with a particular focus on the active integration of the most vulnerable categories, whilst protecting the environment and ensuring climate neutrality.

We need to shift from a mainly techno-centric to a more community-centric development of rural and urban living communities, with a specific focus on inclusion, ethics, quality of life, human rights and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

This is an open call for Mayors/ cities representatives to join the stage and intervene.

Be a part of this event!

Send us your expression of interest if you are interested in:

  • Bringing innovation into small cities and remote areas, strengthen local economy?
  • Supporting upgrading of transportation systems, green and low-carbon transportation?
  • Inclusion of citizens in decision-making processes, people-centred approach of smart city concept, needs of inhabitants and consideration of all-age-groups?
  • Taking the importance of natural environment and ecosystems for remote areas into account, preservation of environment (local economy, standard-of-living, tradition, culture and heritage), sustainable agriculture and energy production in remote areas?