The celebration of Day of Europe

Each year, since 1950 – on 9th May – Europe celebrates its Unity.

It is a key moment to remember and celebrate peace and our ideals of solidary and cooperation to develop a better future together.

Why May 9th? It is the commemoration day of the Shuman Declaration – the origin of our joining. It marks the beginning of an economic partnership based on the shared management of coal and steel production.

The Shuman’s idea, then minister of foreign affairs, behind this was to create and consolidate a new political power at a higher level to ensure perpetual peace after the WWII shock. EU is founded on the dream of unity, cooperation, peace and common future. The month of May, by decision of the European Institutions, became the time for celebrate, share and enjoy the European dream. Seventy-one year on today, May the 9th.

The European Regions for Smart Communities Summit celebrates

May the 9th, the day of Europe, with an on-line recital with and original arrangement of Beethoven’s Ode of Joy, the European Anthem.

Reference | The European anthem

The Summit’s on-line celebration

May 9th is Europe Day, a day to celebrate European peace and unity, with cooperation between territories as a cornerstone.

Monsaraz is, without a doubt, a symbol of the European policies of regional convergence that have contributed so much to the sustainable development of the Alentejo.

With this European spirit, Reguengos de Monsaraz, as leader of the EUbyLakes Project, intends to celebrate Europe Day in partnership with CCDRA - Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the Alentejo and the Regional Operational Program ALENTEJO2020, by holding an online from the Castle of Monsaraz.

With this event, we celebrate the Europe we are proud of, a Europe that brings us together, that promotes cooperation, cohesion and a spirit of solidarity! Stronger Together!